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About Andrew Young

A graduate of Texas Christian University and the Master of Arts Program in the Social Sciences (MAPSS) at The University of Chicago, Andrew Young has almost four years of experience in nonprofit marketing and management. With two separate undergraduate degrees in journalism and history from Texas Christian University as well as a master’s degree in the social sciences from The University of Chicago, Andrew has managed to combine his diverse skill set, education, and entrepreneurial spirit to the benefit of his community (both local and global) through his work in nonprofit organizations.

Prior to attending The University of Chicago, Andrew served as the Marketing and Membership Director for the Lone Star Film Society (LSFS) in Fort Worth, Texas. Starting out as a digital marketing coordinator for the LSFS in 2012, Andrew single-handedly built the organization’s marketing department from the ground up under the direction of former Artistic Director Alec Jhangiani and former Managing Director Ramtin Nikzad.

In addition to his career in nonprofit marketing and management, Andrew was a political and intellectual historian-in-training at The University of Chicago. During his time at The University of Chicago, Andrew had the honor of taking classes taught by such distinguished professors as Jan Goldstein, John Boyer, John Mearsheimer and Constantin Fasolt. He developed his master’s thesis around research on the combined legacy of John Locke and the sixteenth-century Huguenot resistance tract the Vindiciae, contra Tyrannos during the American Founding Era.

After receiving a Masters in social science from The University of Chicago, Andrew set himself on a path to help bridge the gap between the academy and society through nonprofit programming, non-academic writing, and community organization. Andrew hopes to join the ranks of those building a space for public humanities discourse in their communities.

Andrew strongly believes that academics and non-academic professionals need to work together to build a life-giving partnership between the academy and the public wherein the academy can better devote itself to supporting those outside its ranks and the public can help provide renewed energy to the academy. Andrew hopes to devote his career to building a reciprocal partnership between the academy and the public that helps strengthen individual communities and the world at large.

With four years of nonprofit marketing and management experience, Andrew is committed to helping nonprofits achieve their visions through successful programming, communications, and consumer/member retention. Andrew firmly believes that marketing is about more than sales; marketing is the bread and butter of any strong organization. As a leader committed to helping organizations fulfill their goals and execute their visions on a daily basis, Andrew brings a caring commitment to his community that is founded in a deep interest in building relationships and improving the qualify of the lives of those he serves.

As Marketing and Membership Director for the Lone Star Film Society, Andrew helped increase ticket sales, improve member retention, and refine LSFS messaging. Andrew helped cast vision for the organization in close partnership with top leadership.

Over the years, Andrew has developed a unique vision for marketing and communications that not only helps nonprofits achieve their goals, but helps them generate value and cast vision in everything they do for their communities. Marketing is far more than product sales; marketing is about value-formation. When so many nonprofits are built around the unique vision they have for the world, organizations need someone who can help them develop that vision in a fruitful and meaningful way through every channel at their disposal.

During his time at the Lone Star Film Society, Andrew thrived on communicating the value of programming as diverse as festivals devoted to Luis Buñuel, Hayao Miyazaki, and Alfred Hitchcock while helping to raise funds for summer film camps and other community activities. As Marketing and Membership Director, Andrew began to develop his vision for how marketing can help build community and bring people together.

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Andrew is a creative thinker, able to evaluate opportunities and scenarios objectively without prejudice, a vigilant and always presentable public representative, and always meticulous in whatever the work may be, exhibiting an inexhaustible attention to detail. As long as one can provide work that is challenging, interesting, and rewarding, Andrew will bring game changing value to any enterprise.

Alec Jhangiani
Arts Executive and Independent Film Producer
Via LinkedIn

From his ability to make snap decisions at critical moments to his gift for abstract strategic thought, Andrew time and again demonstrated a versatility and depth of understanding about the challenges and opportunities at hand, and was critical to giving our organization a distinct voice and place in our community.

Ramtin Nikzad
Via LinkedIn

I worked with Andrew for two years at the Lone Star Film Festival. He amazed me with his organization skills. I wish other clients I work with would take a class from Andrew on how best to work with me. His understanding of the process was a gift. I hope we get to work together again sometime very soon.

Kelly Kitchens
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Personal well-being cannot be understood abstractly, without reference to the tradition, culture, and history of the collectivity in which persons live and function.

J. P. Daughton, An Empire Divided

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